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Figital Technologies is a FinTech start-up founded by a team of seasoned bankers, technology evangelists, committed investors with a belief that - there is a far easier way of providing digital banking services using the open banking platform. Ncash is the underlying AI driven neo banking digital adoption platform that powers all our solutions and products. It is a cognitive platform using ‘AI’ to simplify heuristics.

Ncash is India’s first AI powered cognitive open banking platform that caters to small businesses, employees and high net worth individuals. In simple words, it is a digital adoption platform to simplify user experience by combining insights, engagements, guidance, and automation capabilities. Ncash is your one stop solution that accelerates your financial wellness journey.

What makes us stand apart is our AI powered neo banking platform.

It’s time that technology trains itself to adapt to human behaviour. Our AI driven cognitive platform will train itself basis user’s behaviours. It will serve them with quick solutions and intuitive suggestions through natural conversation with voice/text that create remarkable user experiences.

However, you wish to look at it. Financial wellness boils down to the comfort one enjoys when there is no stress or worry for expense management and has a healthy bank balance that is steadily growing. Growing by tapping the smartest financial instruments and digital tools available.

Happy and productive employees are the biggest asset to an organization. And if you can assure that for your employees then productivity, performance and positivity are the by-products.

Banking as a Service is the new way to bank. But neither Figital Technologies nor Ncash has a banking license. We are Fintech and we work in partnership with regulatory licensed institutions like banks, payment intermediaries AMFIs etc. to bring out innovative product solutions for the end consumers which are currently not addressed by these institutions. To put it simply we complete the last mile of their offerings through our application.

  • Nebula: Small Business Solutions: Real time banking with insights and financial management for MSME’s.
  • Gubair ONE: Wealth management Solutions: AI powered investment advice multiplies returns while you relax
  • De'tax: Employee wellness solutions: Assisting new age employees find balance and control over their finances. De'tax provides associates financial wellness solutions that protects the present and secures the future.
  • Strategic Advisory Services: Our financial experts guide you with top notch financial solutions across wealth management, commercial banking, employee wellness and Forex management.

Ncash platform is built keeping in mind all kinds of people starting from:

  • Business Entrepreneurs
  • Millennial Employees
  • High Net Worth Individuals/Ultra HNIs

Ncash is safe and secure. The platform uses bank-grade security to manage your money, and your personal data is not shared with anyone. The platform encrypts all data and transactions ensuring a completely secure experience for our customers. It uses bank grade security to mange your money and your personal information and financial data is never compromised.


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