De'tax Card

Unique to every organization it guarantees employee financial wellness

Spending is the new saving! Welcome to a new world of employee financial wellness

Enhance your employees take home by offering our unique De'tax Card and automate all their allowances and claims.


One Card

All employee benefits on ONE card, new age benefits like health and wellness included.

Go Digital

Customise the usage as per company policy and Go Digital! Do away with paper bills and improve productivity.

Tax Rebates

Each spend offers various tax rebates with benefits in lakhs. Exclusive reward programs and more available.

Smart Spend

A step before savings is to spend right. Smart employees can move their allowances to this card and take home more pay.

Travel Claims

Automate your travel expense effortlessly. Spend and raise claims swiftly on your mobile, without waiting for your re-imbursements.

Automated Technology

Our Ncash algorithms classify, authenticate, and segregate De'tax rebates basis uploaded bills and invoices. Its end-to-end automation for corporates to manage employees’ claims is done effortlessly.


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Change Management and Platform Power

Hesitant in the beginning about the change to an AI-driven platform to manage our finances, it turned out to be one of the smartest moves. With Ncash, now we have a complete handle on our finances which fuels many of our business decisions.


Managing Partner, Growing Young

Digital adoption platform - De'tax

Tax planning is an integral component of an employee’s financial life. Flexible benefits are a great way to design a tax friendly salary structure. But the administrative nightmare forces the corporates to opt out of flexible benefits. De’tax solutions is the panacea which simplifies benefits and expense management through a self-paced digital adoption platform which will go a long way in employee engagement. The solution stands-apart in its holistic approach towards financial wellness. Moreover, it is simple, cost-effective and easy to adopt!

Prabhu Govindan


True employee financial wellness

De'Tax is a full-fledged Employee Financial wellness program that rewards them for engaging in healthy habits around money. They are in full control of their Allowance management, Claims management and Tax savings. At SightSpectrum, we are very happy that we could bring Employee Financial Wellness to the wallet of all our employees.

Vinod Kumar


True stress relief for my employees

Financial stress is a clear and present malady. If survey results are to be believed, more than half of the workforce report financial stress. A successful Employee Financial Wellness program is more than just providing education, this is where De’tax Solution is unique, it helps employees taking appropriate actions that lead to financial success. We are very happy with De'tax employee wellness solution and our employees are loving it.

Brahma Chauhan

CEO, Rocket Flyer

Intuitive way for talent retention

I believe De’tax solutions can go a long way in attracting and retaining talent at corporates. The digital adoption platform redefines the way financial wellness is approached through its cognitive, Choice based approach. I am sure it will help the corporates to better engage the working professionals and adds to positive business outcomes.

Sriram Rajagopal

Founder - Director, Diamondpick


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